Data System Specialisation Overview

Learning path

Recently I have started a Data System Specialisation. This includes the core concept in databases and data systems that are applied in practice today.

This is a live updated document which I will update as I go through the material.

Core Database Concepts

Course 1 was all about Core Database concepts, I& expose here what was covered and what I need to work on further;

    1. Relational Algebra
    2. Relational Entity Design and modelling
      1. Read: Fundamentals of Database Design (7th Edition), chapters:
        1. Conceptual Database Modelling and Database Design
        2. The Relational Data Model and SQL
        3. Basics of Functional Dependencies and Normalization for Relational Databases
    3. ACID properties
    4. Data Storage and Indexing
    5. Transactions and Concurrency Control
    6. Lock Based Concurrency control

Distributed Database Systems

Started course two in Distributed Database systems which should take four weeks to complete, including three assignments for which i need to:

  • Get the Postrgress development VM environment set up
  • Brush up on python as assignments should be completed using python

Course material and todo-list follows:

    1. Distributed Data Queries
    2. Big Data and Data Processing Systems
      1. Find more examples and instances of Data Processing systems
    3. Data Fragmentation and Replication Models
      1. Read: Fundamentals of Database Design (7th Edition), chapters
    4. Distributed Query processing
    5. Parallel Data Architecture
    6. Types of DBMS Parallelism