week #23 bookmarks review

 the physics of information – Google Search – how to capture that inevitable escaping energy.

Looking into AdWords marketing automation

 www.dbi-services.com – interesting Swiss database services company

Linux, BSD, OSX diff

# diff <(cat /etc/passwd) <(cut -f2 /etc/passwd)

Mac tools

How to integrate Oracle Apex with Google (drive, mail, analytics, tools..)?

Oracle dba, analytics, cloud, big data

Look into the quick action window, reminds me of osx’s spotlight, google analytics “Go-To”. Solid way of getting around an app if you are familiar with the functions (name) and not structure (where things are) in a program.

Map making for analytics

 Create a map: easily map multiple locations from excel data – EasyMapMaker – userful i.e. put address based information from the database and display it on a map with configurable attributes

Haiku poem a day pledge

Integrating Google with website

Interesting idea to embed reviews directly on the website and align with google’s powers to drive reviews via phones and maps for instance.

jQuery, javascript goodness !”#$

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VS Code extensions, plugins, workflow improvements


Writing Chrome Extensions

Container house designs, garden lab project