Data System Specialisation Overview

Learning path Recently I have started a Data System Specialisation. This includes the core concept in databases and data systems that are applied in practice today. This is a live updated document which I will update as I go through the material. Core Database Concepts Course 1 was all about Core Database concepts, I& expose…

Oracle 18c XE released

Oracle released a few days ago the new 18c XE (Express Edition), a free version of its popular now upgraded database.

week #23 bookmarks review

 the physics of information – Google Search – how to capture that inevitable escaping energy.  Communications security – Wikipedia – Broader topic Looking into AdWords marketing automation  Advanced budget management made easy with scripts – Search Engine Land  Setting up automated rules – AdWords Help  Common ways to use automated rules – AdWords Help  view automated rules…

Transfer local files to network share

In this implementation we use Oracle to manage files on the server file system and transfer them to a designated network shared location.

How to compile all database objects?

Instead of manually compiling procedures, functions, packages and triggers, it’s possible to compile the entire schema by using Oracle’s built in utility.